Practical Course

Developmental biology of marine invertebrates (Technau, Genkhovich, Simakov)

Course Academic Credits: 10 ECTS
In this practical course at the Marine Station in Villefranche / Cote d'Azur, we will address questions of developmental biology of marine invertebrates available at the station (cnidarians, polychaetes, sea urchins, urochordates). The development will be studied by manipulation of key signaling pathways, followed by phenotypic and molecular analysis. In addition, we will benefit from the exceptional fauna in the plancton around Villefranche and we will examine samples of plancton and determine larvae and species of various animal groups. The student will get an understanding of the development of several marine model species (sea urchin, ascidians, hydrozoans) and do experiments investigating the regulation of developmental processes and of body plans. They aquire an understanding of hte biodiversity of planctonic life.
Teaching is in English, since most instructors are not german speaking. As prerequisite, the student must have a basic knowledge in developmental biology and should (ideally) have accomplished the VO "Einführung in die Entwicklung der Tiere" or the VO "Molecular developmental biology" in the bachelor of Zoology or Molecular Biology tracks or the VO "Principles of Genetics and Development" of the Master Genetics and Developmental biology. The course is restricted to 10 students. The course is subsidized by the Faculty of Life Sciences. The student contribution for the course is 250 EUR per student, which includes the lab fee and the lodging at the Station.
Details and registration: u:find Univ. of Vienna
Course number: 300145 (Summer term)

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