Practical Course

Applied Data Analysis (Simakov)

Course Academic Credits: 10 ECTS

Aims, contents and method of the course: In this course we will learn about modern high-throughput methodologies and get hands-on experience with new methods and real data. We will discuss sequencing technology, experiment design, quality control, read mapping and counting, differential expression analysis, expression profiles and principal components analysis.

Assessment and permitted materials: Exercises will be done throughout the course as a part of a collective analysis.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria: Students are recommended but not required to take 300353 UE Applied programming for Bioinformatics, or have a basic grounding in Unix and BASH shell scripting. There are 10 days of the course. Presence on at least 8 days is required. The grade will be based on course participation (20%) and the final report in a form of a scientific paper outlining the aims and analyses completed during the course, as well as potential future directions (80%).

Examination topics: A final report describing the methods used as well as an analysis of the data will be required after completion of the course. Attendance and participation are also graded.
Details and registration:

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