PhD position in Computational Admixture Genomics

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A fully funded PhD position (4 years) is open in the group for Computational Admixture Genomics at the Department for Evolutionary Anthropology

The new group for Computational Admixture Genomics studies admixture landscapes in genomes of multiple species. Lab members will have access to all necessary resources and excellent computational infrastructure at the new Biology Center of the university. The group is part of a multi-disciplinary Anthropology department which is currently expanding in evolutionary genetics and ancient DNA research.

The main project of the PhD student will be to improve and/or develop methods to determine introgression in large datasets. This will involve datasets from humans and/or other primate species, from present-day as well as historical/ancient sources. This will integrate with the method development done by other lab members, who are developing strategies to identify introgressed material in different species. Such methods will rely on computational methods, and include demographic modeling, Bayesian methods, or machine learning approaches. This position is funded as part of a VRG grant from the WWTF.

Prospective students should have a strong interest in computational approaches to evolutionary genomics, hold a Master's degree in bioinformatics, biology or a related field, and have experience in using computing clusters and bash/command line tools, ideally also in a programming language (R, python).

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