Introduction to Evolutionary Biology (Cremer, Vicoso)

Course Academic Credits: 3 ECTS
Content: We will cover aspects of evolutionary biology, with a focus on evolutionary ecology and genomics. Each week, there will be an introductory lecture, followed by a paper discussion. 1. Adaptive and non-adaptive evolution (BV): a. Deleterious and beneficial mutations b. Origin of new genes and functions 2. Evolution of non-coding sequences (BV): a. Genome size evolution and complexity b. Transposable elements and non-coding RNAs 3. Speciation (BV) 4. Evolution of sociality and cooperation (SC) 5. Sexual selection and the evolution of dimorphic traits (SC) 6. Host parasite interactions and symbioses (SC)

The course is primarily aimed at students with a molecular biology background who are interested in molecular and organismal evolution, but students from other fields are welcome.

Time, Place and registration:

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