Bioinformatics (Genomics and Gene Expression Analysis) (Vicoso)

Course Academic Credits: 3 ECTS
We will discuss common types of sequencing data and perform hands on analyses in:
1. Genomics:

  • DNA sequencing platforms
  • Tools for genome assemblies

2. Transcriptomics:

  • RNA-seq and Ribo-profiling analysis, detection of differentially expressed genes
  • Evolution of gene expression

3. Epigenomics:

  • Examples of analyses different datasets, including bisulfite sequencing (methylation), DNase-Seq (regulatory regions), Chip-Seq (histone modifications)

Target audience: Experimental biologists and/or theoreticians looking to analyze large-scale sequencing data.
Teaching format: Each week there will be an introductory lecture followed by a computational assignment.
Evaluation: Project report
Course website:
Registration: Details at IST course website

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